About KickStart

KickStart FC was founded in 1997 by David Porter and Bob Moss.  KickStart is the leading youth football club in Barbados, boasting the largest youth club membership at over 300 players.  Indeed, it is the only club with its own dedicated football field and club house. The club coaches children (boys and girls) from the ages of four to seventeen, as well as a men’s team.

The club endeavours not just to enhance the technical proficiency of our players with respect to the game, but to utilize football in teaching valuable life skills incorporated in true sportsmanship, such as teamwork, communication, respect and fair play.

In fact, KickStart “lives” by five core values.  These values remind us of and keep us focused on what is most important. (Click on each of the values to learn more).

  • + Respect
    Respect the game: the rules, your team mates, your opponents, your coaches. Be a person of integrity.
  • + Excellence
    Strive to be the best you can be. Seek continuous improvement. Achieve the extraordinary.
  • + Discipline
    Discipline is about making the right decisions in order to achieve your goals. Train hard. Follow instructions. Prepare. Commit.
  • + Team Work
    Team work is a commitment to common goals. It means working together, sharing and supporting one another.
  • + Fun
    Find the good in everything. Enjoy what you do. Have fun.

KickStart is also focused on exposing club members to the U.S. college circuit and supporting them in securing scholarships at these institutions through the club’s High Performance Programme. There are many success stories in this respect.

The club also boasts an active tennis programme.

KickStart is privileged to have a vibrant and committed parent body who is intimately involved in club activities, inclusive of the regular social programmes (Curry-oke, Movies on the Pitch, Fun-Day, etc.) for the benefit of their full membership.

The club is also proud of the numerous ways it has ‘given back’ to the community.  An all-inclusive club, it welcomes all who abide its core values and is proud of its discretionary programme which provide scholarships with regard to its youth membership fees, once those individuals meet the club’s eligibility criteria.


MissionTo support football players in developing their full potential both on and off the pitch by providing a professional, fun, safe and nurturing environment.

Vision: To be a model football club for Barbados and the region and assist in football development through example and support.

Unique Selling Proposition: Quality infrastructure, supportive staff and a range of member activities makes KickStart a club above the rest.

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    2016 youth football results can be found here. Congrats to the U9s for winning the 2016 season and to the U13s for taking the 2016 Barbados Cup!

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