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Going After Our Goals: KickStart’s Strategic Plan

In order to assist us in focusing and achieving our goals, KickStart has developed a strategic plan.  We welcome member’s input on the plan and their support in achieving the club’s objectives.

Below is the introductory letter contained in the strategic plan.  The plan can be downloaded and read from here.

“Dear KickStart players, parents, staff, sponsors, volunteers and other stakeholders,

KickStart Football Club is growing.  But as we continue to increase our membership, expand our staff and improve our facilities, the Board of Directors recognized that it wasn’t enough for the organization to simply grow, rather, we needed to grow up.

KickStart doesn’t just want to be a big club.  We want to be a professional, sustainable and model organization that strategically and effectively supports the success of our soccer community.

To this end, we are proud to present to you the organization’s first strategic plan.  The aim of the plan is to ensure that all of us (you included!) are on the same page and working together to achieve the goals of the club.  This is a living plan; it will evolve with the club.

This document encompasses not only KickStart’s strategy, but provides a holistic overview of the club and serves as the ideal tool to understand what we are and what we are about.

We hope you are as excited about the future of KickStart  as we are and we are confident that with your support all of the goals outlined in this strategic plan will be realized.

Here’s to our future!

KickStart Board of Directors 2014″


The strategic plan can be downloaded here.

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